Pediatric Dentistry | Elegant Dentistry

Oral health of infants, children, adolescents.


Each children’s dentist at our office in Edina will ensure that both you and your child are comfortable during your visit and they’ll provide you with helpful ways to encourage good oral health habits in your child. Our dental office in Edina is dedicated to providing our young patients with the best dentistry for children possible and making you feel part of our family of dental care patients. If you’ve been searching for a “children’s dentist near me” you don’t need to search any longer.

Pediatric Dentistry


Our Elegant Dentistry office in Edina offers Comprehensive Dental Care Services that includes; Sedation Dentistry, Laser Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Ceramic fillings (CEREC), Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment, Oral Surgery, Periodontal Surgery, Children’s Dentistry, and Regular checkups.


Having a Dental Emergency ?

We offer comprehensive urgent dental care through our subsidiary clinic The Dental Emergency Room .


Looking for Family Dentistry ?

We offer Comprehensive Dental Care through our subsidiary clinic; Elegant Dentistry PLLC.